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QShield Enterprise Architecture service offerings enable organizations to overcome the challenges faced when developing corporate strategies by building effective business capabilities into their planning and operations. These business capabilities enable organizations to meet their strategic goals & objectives by leveraging market opportunities against their strategies.

Effective alignment of a company´s strategy is achieved through the Enterprise Architecture Connected View (ECV) methodology. Enterprise Connected View (ECV) is the method used to map out a virtual representation of a company´s capabilities to their underlying components and driving the evolution of those capabilities. Only then will it be possible to define the right projects or initiatives that can effectively manage the transition from the current state to the future state of the company.

By developing an the Enterprise Architecture Connected View (ECV)  across the strategy, business, information, application and technology layers of the company, organizations are better positioned to align their business processes with stakeholder expectations while increasing operational efficiency.

The Enterprise Architecture Connected View (ECV) establishes adequate performance management systems that govern and trace operational risks while providing timely and accurate reporting for decision-making support.

Service Offerings

  • Enterprise Architecture:

    • Strategic Architecture

    • Enterprise Architecture
      • Business Architecture
      • Information Architecture
        • Data Architecture
        • Application Architecture
      • Technology Architecture
  • Business Process Management (Business Process Architecture + Business Process Automation )
  • Corporate Performance Management
    • Balance Scorecard
    • Business Intelligence
  • Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Enterprise Lifecycle with Architecture:

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