Business Opportunities in Qatar - The essential resources guide

Are you a small business owner looking for fresh and lucrative business opportunities or a corporate looking for a new market? Qatar seems to be the ideal place for profitable endeavors. With a growing population and booming economy, the government is taking all necessary steps to make it easy and appealing for investors to get on board with new ventures. However, few questions need an answer before you make the move and the best way to get answers is to seek the advise of experts to help you develop your action plan, resources management and support, and familiarize yourself with laws and regulations to ensure compliance.
Here are some answers and resources that can give you a direction and put you on the right track to start your business in Qatar.
What Type of Business Opportunities?
The possibilities are almost limitless in Qatar, given the fact that a countless number of industries are rapidly growing here. Everything from information technology to culinary pursuits and tech products like smartphones is in high demand in this thriving commerce hub. And let’s not forget the FIFA World Cup 2022 with all the infrastructure requirements that comes with it.
Qatar is home to a number of international business consultancy firms who can give an in depth insight onto the various economic sectors in Qatar and help investors choose the right opportunities. Some of these firms are:
What business structure is best for me?
Qatar has one of the best business and financial regulatory environment in the world, providing investors with a number of options when it comes to market entry and business setup. For more information on identifying the correct structure for your company in Qatar and the procedures and requirements read our previous blog posts:
Additionally, the country is home to a number of excellent local and international law firms that can give detailed consultancy and guidance on various issues related to business setup and licensing. Some of these are:
How can I mobilize and manage my human resources?
Successful entry of a new market depends heavily on the execution team. Getting your “A” talent in time and budget is a crucial success element and that’s when you need a strong global mobility and immigration services provider to help you address the following issues in relation to your human resources management:
  • Compliance: Work, taxes and immigration legislation varies from country to country and can be complex. As a global mobility and immigrations services provider we ensure that your company policies comply with Qatar’s laws, as well as those of your origin country.
  • Training: Being acquainted with certain procedures, regulations, and laws is often mandatory when entering a new market. Our team of experts will provide the training needed for both you and your team members.
  • Licensing and documentation: Business opportunities are great, but dealing with bureaucratic government agencies to attain licenses can be taxing to a new comer. Our business services team has the expertise needed to handle this for you efficiently.
  • Mobility Planning: Planning future mobility activities can save businesses valuable time and money. Our immigration services team can help you do that by planning and executing a timeline that factors in costs and compliance.

QShield is one of Qatar’s foremost global mobility and immigration services provider.
We work with a variety of Blue Chip clients and offer exceptional consulting services on global mobility and immigration across a multitude of industries, including financial services, IT, healthcare, and education. With the right people, resources, and strategy, the possibilities are endless.

To learn more about how our consulting services can help you discover and unlock new and exciting business opportunities, contact QShield today!
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