Corporate Destination Services: Guidelines to write your policy or choose a Destination Services Provider

According to the Middle East Job Index Survey, which was conducted by recruitment agency and polling group YouGov, 37 percent of Qatar’s employers said they would be “definitely hiring” within the coming quarter, while a further 24 percent were “probably hiring.”, Doha News reported last week.
While this is considered a positive indicator of the economy performance in general, it brings back to highlight a previous article discussing how Construction firms struggle to recruit talent to work in Qatar.
The reality is that in today’s world of global mobility, attracting and retaining the right talent is an ever-competitive task that starts with identifying the candidate but almost never ends. Corporates are now more than ever aware of the need for a robust and well-thought Destination Services Policy.
In this post, we provide a quick guide into the basic requirement that you should consider when you develop a Destination Services Policy or look for a Destinations Services Provider.
  • Corporate Housing and Rental: the main decision to be made here is whether to provide your employees with housing or include a housing allowance in their packages. In a lot of cases, the best approach is a mix of both depending on the duration of the assignment in host location and the position of the employee. Either way, your policy should include clear guidelines and your Destination Services provider of choice should have the necessary connections and skills to ensure your employees get adequate choices of housing or home finding assistance, property management and security.
  • Settlement Services: When talking about Destination Services, the move isn't over on moving day. Your policy should ensure that your employees get continuous support and follow through on settling-in services, neighborhood acclimation and “quality of life” solutions. What you should expect from your service provider or internal Destination Services team are answering questions related to finding babysitters, doctors, and the right health and fitness club. You should also be ready to support in opening bank accounts, arranging driving license and classes if necessary. Although this sounds like a lot of detail, it is necessary to take care of it all to ensure your employees can focus on their core business. It is worth noting though that in Qatar, new employees need to go through an immigration process to acquire a valid residence permit before they can apply for a bank account or a driving license and other destination services.
  • Spousal Career Counseling and Family Assistance: taking care of your employees’ families needs is an integral part of Destination Services. Some of the elements to cover should include introduction to qualified spouse/partner career placement specialists, resume preparation and interview skills, local employer databanks to job listings, elderly and child care, school finding, language school, culture training, domestic help arrangement and general family needs assessment.

While these are the essentials, a good Destination Services Policy or Provider should cover all details related to your employees and their families’ life in the new destination. Taking a tour in a couple of neighborhoods and providing statistics and comparisons to enable employees to make an informed housing decision is expected and appreciated.
To know more how our team of experts and full range of services can help you meet your Destination Services requirement or develop a Destination Services Policy, get in touch today.
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