Corporate immigration: The importance of Compliance and Technology

As corporate immigration grows in importance and complexity, companies need a framework to help them design a full range of programs and options – and to help the business choose the right fit for a particular situation.

Compliance and Corporate Immigration
Moving employees for international assignments across borders raises a vast array of compliance issues that need to be handled.
With the rise of global talents mobilization, compliance issues are increasingly becoming relevant to companies looking to expand into new markets. Failing to comply can sometimes reflect negatively on business in various ways. Companies can be prohibited from mobilizing workers into a country, or in case of regulated industries, companies can be completely barred from operating within a particular nation’s borders or be subject to international fines.
Making sure that adequate systems and procedures for audit and control are in place is crucial to dealing with corporate immigration issues and ensures that it doesn’t have any negative effect on your business plans in new markets.
Technology and Corporate Immigration
Technology can help a company dramatically improve its immigration management capabilities. When used appropriately, corporate immigration platforms can help a company stay abreast of the global talent mobilization process, identify and address compliance issues, track and gather cost data and other critical information, and efficiently manage employees’ entry, stay and movement in new markets.
As Qatar’s leading corporate immigration services provider, QShield has developed a technology platform specific for Qatar, which increases the processing speed of client requests, minimizing human error, while ensuring the highest levels of compliance and reliability.
Corporate immigration is a service with a well-defined set of customers, roles and responsibilities, and tools. As such, our bespoke technology platform for corporate immigration in Qatar is designed with the same principles as any effective HR system deployment in mind:
• Use consistent systems and processes.
Our customer relationship managers employ their expertise and features of our proprietary portal to provide you with a detailed implementation procedure and time line.
• Focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
Focusing on service quality is more likely to produce rich, employee-facing solutions and high-quality processes.
• Choose the right metrics.
By working with your Global Mobility director and local HR team, we help you develop short, mid and long term plans for immigration activities and assist you in managing these projects taking into consideration cost, transaction duration and compliance.
To know more how our technology platform and full range of services can help you start and manage your new business venture in Qatar, get in touch today.
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