Destination Services Management Blind spots to look for in Qatar

What makes Destination Services management an interesting job, is exactly what makes it unbelievably challenging at times! The need to deal with different regulations, various markets variables and unique personal assignee needs all play a big role in Global Mobility challenges.
It is important to consider all these variables; when cooperation’s provide their assignees with Destination Services or when they look into using a Destinations Services Provider in a new market.
Here are 5 blind spots that we could identify based on our experience as a Destination Services Provider in Qatar:
1- Schools: while Qatar is investing heavily in developing its education sector, it is very difficult to keep up with the current population growth rates and predictions. Hence, it is very challenging to book a place in one of the many reputable international schools in Qatar. One way of overcoming this challenge is to plan ahead of time and arrange for corporate priority agreements with schools.
2- Housing and Household Goods Clearance: in accordance with Qatar Immigration Law; it states that an expatriate must have a valid Residence Permit in Qatar in order to rent a house and clear items from customs. QShield recommend that you  take into consideration the time scale of obtaining an RP prior to shipment from home location; this is to ensure that no unexpected storage costs or penalties are incurred.
In parallel to shipment we recommend that 30 day temporary accommodation is provided in; this allows RP completion including home finding to occur, including all other destination services logistics.
3- Driving License: A Qatari driving license is required for expats with resident permits, and can often be quickly transferred from a driving license from a list of approved countriesfor a small fee. For the most updated list, check with Traffic Department. However, if the assignee’s nationality is not included in the list, then the assignee requires to be part of a driving school for up to 6 weeks. Setting a test date could also take long but could be put on a fast track with the right planning.
4- Healthcare System and Medication: We always recommends that all our clients assignee’s list any critical medical conditions and medications. While Qatar’s healthcare system is being steadily developed, medication approvals here could be different from the assignee’s home country, which means that some medications are not available, have an alternative or require a new prescription.
5- Banking and finance: in principle, a valid RP is required to open a bank account. However, some local banks started offering new arrival services to facilitate launching expats into their new life in Qatar. It is worth checking the requirements and eligibility for these accounts and factor in your Destination Services any impact of not having a bank account on time. Such impact can include not being able to rent a house because you don’t have a check book, or not being able to buy a car because you can’t get finance.
All of these points can be easily managed and any inconvenience avoided through careful planning and the right selection of a knowledgeable Destination Services Provider. Contact us today to know more about our services and how we can help you see through the blind spots for an ultimate relocation experience.
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