The Human Side of Corporate Immigration

In essence, a corporate immigration service is about helping companies and businesses manage their talent global movement efficiently.  However, our work touches the lives of people and families, a side of the story that gets little if any attention but we often find that it is this side that keeps us going and motivates us as individuals in the corporate world.
We thought of shedding some light on this side of our story, so we asked our team to remember cases they handled that means something to them personally. This is what they told us
Alma Ann Reyes – CRM: In this case, Alma worked with a client who is a female computer engineer. The lady moved to Qatar and was trying to secure a family dependent visa for her husband. The case was a bit complicated because the lady didn’t have her salary transfer to a local bank. Alma worked hard with the operation team keeping an open communication channel with the lady and updating her almost daily to reassure her. Eventually, the team managed to secure the residence permit within 3-4 weeks and helped the family get together. Alma still smiles when she remembers how grateful the client was and she actually keeps in touch until today.
Tony Salloum – CRM: Tony’s story is about an American lady who moved to Qatar for a new job. When her husband joined, they found that she needs a custody letter and special procedure to secure a dependent visa for her stepson.  Needless to say, the case arrived at Tony’s desk with a heavy emotional load so he immediately called for a meeting with the operation team and personally headed a task force to get the job done ASAP while keeping the parents informed. When a week after, Tony called the client to tell them the papers are done, he was overwhelmed by gratitude and joy. For him, these moments make his job interesting and worth the long stressful hours.
Said Ghazzi– Managing Director: in this story although we had a minimum interaction, our impact was nevertheless important. Our team received a call from a gentleman who was referred to us by a satisfied client. The caller wanted to travel to be with his wife while she gives birth to their first baby, but he was told that he couldn’t travel while his request for sponsorship transfer is in process. Our first step was gathering the fact, so we asked for the application reference number and put one of our operation team on the case. After a quick investigation, it turned out that the person handling his request misinformed him and that he can travel. We were so happy 2 days later when we received a thank you email and a photo of a proud father with his newborn son.
Tina Abdulla – Global Mobility Manager: The relocation side of any move is rather stressful but with Qatar’s complex immigration law it can emphasizes the stress especially on Western Expats where Medical clearance is not something they are used too or have heard of before. Tina had a case where both the father and mother were cleared for their medical checks but their 17 year old son was denied due to past medical history. This instantly added anxiety to the parents as they are trying to adjust to a new country, culture and lifestyle. QShield team and I worked swiftly and we scheduled a medical committee the next day and were granted an exemption; this meant that the son needed to take another medical test; once the examinations were clear he was granted as a dependent on his fathers RP & begin his new school year and life in Qatar properly. The parents still call Tina just to check in every now and then; it’s a great feeling to simply make someone’s life easier.
At QShield, we are aware and proud of our services impact on people’s lives, and we are always willing to answer  inquiries regarding business setup or moving to Qatar because we realize that beyond the corporate strategies and objectives, we are professionals helping other professionals in various sectors starting a new life in a new destination and we take this task very seriously. 
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