Qatar: leaving for good checklist by QShield

Saying goodbye and preparing to move is a job in itself. With all the things going on inside and outside your head, how can remember everything?
To help you stay organized and on track, we've created a checklist of things to do to help you leave Qatar based on a timeline from 2-3 months before to the day of your departure.
We at QShield can help you navigate through the various requirements and provide you with the assistance needed to close all the formalities on time. 
Qshield’s relocation specialists are ready to accompany you every step of the way, providing unrivalled professional relocation services
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2-3 months before leaving Qatar
Notify landlord in writing (keep a copy)

45 days before leaving Qatar
Plan bank transfer (taking money out of Qatar is limited per transaction)
Stop all automatic payments
Pay ALL bank loans and debts
Close credit cards
Organize car hire for after car sale
Notify school
Collect school reference and certificate
Cancel school clubs and activities
Organize relocation of furniture and household goods
Cancel telephone/internet
Cancel cable/satellite TV
Cancel mobile phone contract (get a prepaid contract)
Passports are valid 6 months after departure date
Arrange for extra baggage allowance
Plan arrival accommodation in host country (if not provided in the relocation package)

30 days before leaving Qatar
Close bank accounts
Prepare house inventory
Update address on internet and e-commerce sites
Prepare a Letter of Validity to prove the sale of your vehicle
Cancel insurance
Ensure all traffic tickets are paid
Each family member has a VALID exit visa
All documents are up to date
Save all contacts (addresses and emails ) in a file and have a printout
Organize two (2) sets of paperwork; one for personal travels, the other for the shipment
Inform GP and ask for medical records
Qatar animal export license and health certificate
Prepare pet import document for host country
Medical records, vaccinations, are updated in pet passport
IATA approved travel box

Last week before leaving Qatar
Complete Qatar Exit Permit application
Double-check that all paperwork is in order
Cancel QDC liquor license
Insurance: cancel Qatari insurance cover or change to international cover
Organize babysitter for the day of the move
All of these points can be easily managed and any inconvenience avoided through careful planning.
Contact us today to know more about how we can help you avoid the stress and hassle of returning to your home country.
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