Strategic Human Resource Management: The HR Audit in Qatar

Tasked with managing a company’s most valued asset (it’s people), Human Resources or HR is an integral part of any organization.

A well-run and managed HR department can increase morale, reduce employee turnover and help a business run smoothly and in many cases remain competitive.
As in every organization and department, to ensure that everything is operating at its best capacity, it is important to perform audits.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines an HR audit as “an intensely objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies in order to protect the company, establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement.
In most cases when we think of audits, we imagine finance and risk assessment.

But, unlike traditional risk audits that are routine, regulated and standardised, Human Resource audits are non-routine and may be designed to cater to the unique needs of the organisation at a particular point in time.

An HR audit also goes beyond looking at the hiring process into areas like employee retention, budgeting, training, employee compensation, management/employee relations and virtually any process or practice within the company that affects its people.
HR audit are indispensable to help an employer ensure compliance with applicable laws and to monitor its recordkeeping policies. 

QShield’s HR specialists address your procedures and processes to ensure full compliance with country of origin and Qatar's relevant laws and regulations in regards to: 
Qatar employment law
Qatar employment tax card

A typical HR compliance audit will consist of two key elements:
1. Evaluation of the organization’s operational HR policies, practices and processes and their effectiveness in achieving strategic organizational goals related to activities such as:  employee relations, retention, performance management, hiring, training, etc.
2. Assessment of current HR metrics for reasonableness and results.  These metrics might include indicators such as time to fill a new position, turnover, employee satisfaction, etc.

The Process
Our team of legal and business specialists will review your company's current status including workflow, procedures and processes and provide a detailed report on areas to ensure full
compliance Between the country of origin and Qatar's relevant laws and regulations:
1. Create the audit questionnaire 
2. Collect and analyse the data 
3. Benchmark results against internal and/or external measures  
4. Report the findings
5. Coordinate with HR and any other relevant parties to create a plan that address issues
6. Create a process for continuous feedback and improvement.

As with any organizational change, the process lays the ground to complete the audit emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement.  The audit process is a great way to transfer knowledge and skills to the HR team and for them to use that knowledge to improve processes and procedures going forward. 

Depending on the organization’s relationship with an employment attorney or inside counsel, it may be helpful to designate someone on staff to monitor legal developments to ensure future compliance.

To know more how our team of experts and full range of services can help you meet your HR requirements or develop a Destination Services Policy, get in touch today.
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