Consultancy and advisory services

Business Development

Compliance audit

Our team of legal and business specialists will review your company's current status including workflow, procedures and processes and provide a detailed report on areas for improvement to ensure full compliance with country of origin and Qatar's relevant laws and regulations. Our report will address the various levels of actions required by your local HR team, Global Mobility Director, legal department and any other relevant parties.

Mobility and immigration planning

Working with your HR managers, our customer relations managers will help you to plan your future mobility activities on short, mid and long term taking into consideration factors of cost, transaction duration and compliance. We will also provide you with a detailed implementation procedure and time line.


Entering a new market can require that you familiarize your organization with laws, regulations and procedures in the new destination. Our customer relationship team will prepare and deliver the appropriate training program to achieve that. In addition, we provide training for your relevant team members on our proprietary portal to ensure that our business relation is fully transparent and efficient.

Immigration services management

Solutions based Technology

Documents procurement

In every new market, you need to make sure that your staff are equipped with the correct and valid documentation at all times. Our customer relationship managers will employ their expertise and features of our proprietary portal to ensure that your operation is fully compliant, so that your staff members can focus on doing their jobs with minimum distraction. An individual record will be created for each of the employees on the portal where reminders and alerts will be set up in due time to ensure smooth management of all immigration documentations.

On ground support

We appreciate and value your time so to complement the state of the art technology our portal provides, we have a dedicated customer service team that will handle all (on ground) logistics related to your staff immigration procedures. We will guide you and accompany you every step of the way to ensure that every member of your team gets all his documents, tests, clearances etc.. done in time and compliance. After all, we are people serving people and we take our work very personally.

Business setup licensing

Business Licensing

Let our highly experienced and qualified government specialists liaise with the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Labor and Immigration Office on your behalf.

We help companies navigate through complex government bureaucracy with ease along these lines and more:

  • Immigration License
  • Commercial Registration
  • Civil Defense License
  • Municipality License
  • Ministry of Business & Trade
  • Supreme Education Counsel
  • Shipping License
  • Tax Card
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