A leading multinational telecommunications company aimed to expand its operations in Qatar’s booming market. To ensure a successful entry, they sought QShield’s expertise to establish both a mainland company and a free zone company. Additionally, they required comprehensive services including business setup, government relations, immigration assistance, and employer of record services for a substantial portion of their workforce.


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  • Dual Company Setup: Establishing both a mainland and a free zone company requires navigating distinct legal and regulatory frameworks, making the process complex and time-sensitive.

  • Diverse Service Needs: The client needed a wide range of services – from business setup to workforce management – necessitating seamless coordination between various departments.

  • Large Workforce Management: Managing the compliance and administrative aspects for a substantial part of their workforce demanded careful attention to detail to ensure a smooth and compliant operation.




Dual Company Setup:

QShield’s experts facilitated the simultaneous establishment of a mainland company and a free zone company, ensuring compliance with the unique requirements of each setup.

Comprehensive Services

QShield’s integrated approach allowed the client to access business setup expertise, government relations support, immigration assistance, and efficient workforce management all under one roof.

Immigration Assistance:

QShield guided the client’s employees through the complex immigration procedures, securing the necessary visas and permits for their smooth transition to Qatar.

Employer of Record Services:

For a significant part of the client’s workforce, QShield provided Employer of Record services, managing payroll, benefits, and compliance – enabling the client to focus on core business operations.


  • Efficient Setup: The client successfully established a mainland company and a free zone company without delays, positioning them for immediate market engagement.


  • Compliance Assurance: QShield’s meticulous approach ensured the client’s operations adhered to Qatar’s regulations, safeguarding them from potential penalties.


  • Streamlined Workforce Management: QShield’s Employer of Record services eased the administrative burden, allowing the client to maintain a compliant and motivated workforce.


  • Seamless Transitions: With QShield’s support, the client’s employees smoothly transitioned to Qatar, ready to contribute to the company’s growth.



QShield’s holistic approach to business setup, government services, immigration assistance, and workforce management provided the client with a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. By successfully navigating the complexities of establishing dual companies and managing a diverse workforce, QShield empowered the client to thrive in Qatar’s competitive telecom market.
From the Client

“QShield’s all-encompassing services were a game-changer for our expansion in Qatar. Their expert guidance, seamless coordination, and in-depth understanding of Qatar’s landscape were instrumental in our successful setup and workforce management. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the partnership.”